WildFree - Bringing balance between human and dog


  All canines of the world live in groups called "packs." The pack consists of two opposite sex pack leaders from two different families, and the rest of the pack are followers. All members of the pack help raise the pups that the alpha female and alpha male produce. All pack members have the same rules for the pups and all follow the same guidelines. By observation, canines learn how to cope and how to react.

  Dogs have the instinctual need to please and always look for approval. That is what makes them "mans best friend." Dogs will go to the ends of the Earth and back for us; So the least we can do is give them is learn how to properly communicate with them.

WildFree Canine Rehabilitation and Dog Training   

It is unnatural for us humans to take away puppies from their pack that they would be with their entire lives, at 8 weeks old, make them live in a completely unnatural environment with cars, houses, bedding…etc have them live closely with a different species (us humans) then on top of all of that confusion, we do not give them boundaries. Well it is no wonder some of the dogs, these days, live unbalanced lives.  The best thing we can do for our dogs is learn canine psychology, and give them what they instinctually need.

   WildFree comes from the dog's point of view, what do we need to provide for our dogs in order for them to live balanced lives? Dogs have the instinct to "follow" programmed into their DNA, every dog is looking for a calm assertive, balanced, pack leader to follow, trust, and seek guidance from. What I do is give every human in the household the tools and knowledge of how to communicate with your dog using energy and body language. I teach you how to correct with body language and energy. When the human uses too much noise and physical touch it doesn't get the point across to the dog. I teach to correct the way a canine mother would teach their pups. I  show you how to make it your dogs responsibility to be looking to you for direction, otherwise your dog becomes too reliant on your voice and physical touch; they learn to control you in a sense.

Dogs need to have a job, they need to feel proud and have a sense of accomplishment. In the wild, the whole pack hunts for water, food, and shelter. It is programmed into our dogs DNA to use their noses to find things. I believe in keeping our dogs everyday lives as natural possible, and in doing that, enhancing those primal instincts they were born with and have used for centuries. 

My philosophy

Some people have dominance training ideas, and some have positive reinforcement ideas. Many years in , I have helped hundreds of dogs and their families maintain balance in the home. From anxiety, to fear biting, to dog aggression, to human aggression, using energy and body language. Trying my best to master the canine language, my philosophy is to make the conversation clear to the animal you're working with. So to set things straight, I do not use dominance training nor do I use positive reinforcement. It is all about communicating with the animal using their language (energy and body language).

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